The rental starts at 9:00 am and lasts 24h. • All rentals that start at intermediate times will always end at 9:00 am the next morning. • It is strictly forbidden to transport the rented car or scooter outside the island. • The client must be at least 21 years old. • The client must have a driving license for at least one year and a currently valid credit card. • The price of the rental includes: civil liability insurance, unlimited mileage, roadside assistance, properly hygienized helmets, detailed map of the island of Ischia.


The daily prices are subject to increases, ranging from 30% to a maximum of 70% on public holidays, festivity and weekends, upon availability. For rentals in the month of August the prices visible on the website shall be verified by requesting a quote for the availability and exact quotation.
There are options of offers for multiple days. Send us an e-mail or request a quote, it will be our care to offer you the most suitable vehicle at the best price, depending on your needs.